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Controversial interview:

Ex-drug dealer, ex-convict and a single mother speaks

Disclaimer: This material do not promote any use, consumption or preparation and selling of any harmful

substances of any kind.

I met R.C when I was 14. I idealized her entire way of being: her style, intelligence and charisma. After

five years of not knowing anything about her, here is the aftermath of what power and money can make

out of you.

How did you start selling drugs? Was it all like it’s usually portrayed in movies?

R.C: Well, I didn’t have any money back when I was fourteen, and I felt like everything was going down

around me: my parents divorced because of my father’s alcohol addiction and there well no money

whatsoever left for me and mum to live of.

It’s not exactly like in movies, it was more of a full-time job with some complications I wasn’t able to


What type of complications? Are you talking about the ones with the police?

R.C: Not really. To be honest, after gaining popularity in the city I was selling those substances, I started

to bribe the cops with a quarter of how much I was making at that time. The issues came when I decided

to expand my ,,business”: starting to sell drugs in Bucharest was not a good idea.

People were shitty and police even shittier.

When did they catch you? And how?

R.C: When I was nineteen, I went for another shift in Brasov, that’s where someone (which I still don’t

know who that was) snitched on us: it was the fall for us.

They got me a sentence to four years in prison, but I managed to get out of there after two and a half


After I got out I started my own family (me and my daughter) but I still have ,,no chill”. However now I’m

more mature than I was back then, which actually feels god-like.

That was R.C talking about her past experiences for BabiPunk Magazine

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