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Searching for the Romanian dream

Welcome, welcome y'all to this circus that is my brought to you by my

constantly deteriorating psyche. I've gathered you all here today to

witness me embarking on the absurd quest on what is the Romanian

dream.What is Romania? A small country between East and West sides

of Europe, a no man's land if you will, stuck between to different

worlds. Why I am starting this pointless endeavor and why you should

care? We all heard of the American dream, even if you believe in it or

do you think that it's just a shallow caricature of himself, you still heard

of it. This in turn made me wonder what a Romanian dream might look

like, where can I find it and how it looks like. And don't get me wrong,

I'm not talking about a twisted nationalistic view of the Romanian

dream tainted by "Three colours" or the imperialist type of dream

"Basarabia is Romania" I will leave this last one to the American dream.

I'm talking about how or why can this socio-politically divided, deeply

nationalistic and religious country, which united as a country because a

big "Why not?"can have a collective and singular dream. I personally

believe that this journey is going to get weird, a complete antithesis

show of contradictions and personal beliefs, but is not about the

destination rather the broken pieces we find along the way through the

tissue of social fabric of the Romanian dream.

By Madas David

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