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They are monoprint on paper. They are a testimony, a trace of the mouvements. It makes our imaginations work, think about the passed mouvement.

@BY Alix Perrin


It Hurts--- There is a kind of pain we mask and shroud to the outside world. There are times when the mask slips away and our inner beings are exposed. I frequently find that these parts of ourselves are not always pretty, sometimes they are more damaged and hurt than we realize. While it’s important to be vulnerable and let people in, it is not always easy; it’s something I struggle with and likely always will.

by Delaney Davidson (@baroque_hoe)


The techniques used in creating those last 4 posts were scanning and dragging the pictures and objects, I think it's called analog glitching, it basically consists in creating errors yourself. The motivation behind them is me wanting to experiment more in the digital art field

BY Antonia Berdie


I looked at what’s in front of us and found some places I didn’t like. Before I realized, my mind was already thinking about how I could raid around them with not beautiful, but crazy, wild versions. So I did. The result is the illustration I made and printed on canned beans and canned peas, who have found their place in 2 supermarkets, on the shelves among the other normal ones.”

BY Bogdan Moraru

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