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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Coast Red is an indie California based band formed in 2014. They agreed to do an interview with us and we talked about things like emotional maturity in songwriting, astrology, cool concert stories and more, so read if you wanna hear all about them"

Coast Red is about to release their new, long-awaited single.

It's called ''Yes Man'', and it reflects the idea of being able to have no boundaries towards reaching your dreams.

Or at least, this is what we felt while talking about their new project.

You will deff go wild, go crazy and go bold.

Yes man, we love their New project. How about you?

We can guarantee that you will feel every word and note flowing within this song.

Coast Red interview

Q:First of all, how did you start making music?

*A:J: I started Coast Red back in 2014, and the repertoir grew so much and the people involved grew as well and these guys came in about 2017 – 2018.

*A:C: I started playing guitar and writing songs I guess in 2003 or 2004 and I started playing guitar and writing songs, playing piano, bass,etc.

*A:M: I always jammed with my sibling and we tried to play Nirvana songs or whatever.

Q: Next question, what are some of your inspirations? What inspires you?

*A:J: I was actually thinking about this earlier, like as a band the artists that most inspire us are The Strokes and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Q: Also is there any music that you listened to while growing up that shaped the way you make music now?

*A:Definetly, I was big into Green Day. When I was a kid and the way he goes about it is the way I like going about it, kind of subconciously because when I write lyrics I never think about what other peopledo, but everybody has a little taste of everybody’s music in them

T: Were you nervous the first time you performed live?

*J: Together? No, I wasnt.

I've been drinking quite a bit tho, but we were playing at Chase's birthday party at my house so I think with all our friends there we were able to relax. I don’t really get nervous

for performing with these guys.

*C: The only time I was nervous was when me and Mike dropped acid before that one show.

Q: Also, individually, how was it the first time you performed?

M: I used to do piano recitals when I was a kid and I knew I sucked at piano so if I could do that I could do anything

C: For me the first time wasn’t even live, I had written my own song, I was about 12, and I decided to show my friends and I was like „yeah, I'm gonna show you guys this song I wrote” cause I thought itwas really sick, but the minute I had to start playing I got so nervous even tho it was about three people.

J: My first time performing was in 4th grade for this kid band I was in and it was 6 guitarists in the band. It started from a guitar class and it was six guitarists and one bassist and one drummer and we had

to perform one song and we were the coolest kids in school after that, we played „Good” by Better Than Ezra.

Q: Also, do you have any good luck rituals for going on stage?

M: Washing my hands after I go to the bathroom. I have two different kinds of rituals, sometimes I"m like completely sober, but then theres another me that’s smoking half a joint or drinking and justgetting hammered with Chase before the show, I don’t know if they’re good luck rituals, it’s more of a mood thing.

J: For me they’re not really like good luck rituals, I pretty much write the setlist for these guys every time and usually I shave the night before a show and have a good breakfast, those types of things, just

giving myself a good day.

Q:T: To wrap it up, what are your plans for the future?

J: We just got the new mix of a new song called „Yes man'' we’ve been playing it since 2018 and just haven't released it and it’s sounding really good, I'm excited for you guys to hear it.

M: We’ve been writing some new songs too.

J: Since Brandon joined the group, the writing process has become more colaborative and everybody has their say in the song. I’ve been writingsome songs since quarantine and they'll pop up in thefuture of Coast Red, I'm sure.

Thank you, Coast Red for giving us insight on your projects and personas.

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